iOS11 review: Cleaner, Clearer and Smarter

iOS originally as iPhone OS designed and developed by the Apple Inc. has been one of the top selling products brands. As not only it has top quality features but for safety and maintenance it has special image. iOS 11 will be the release in the market and been the current hot topic, so let’s take a brief look about all the features. There are new features given to the iMessage, Siri, maps, photos, sending IMs(instant messaging), requesting for uber/lyft  through Siri.


As receiving positive feedbacks from the consumers and is welcomed by the users. As iOS 10 was first released on September 13, 2016 which is released prior to iOS11 but as there were various problems associated with the first release so the new update was released 10.0.2  was released but it too cant still fix all the bugs so new updates were released to 10.2.1 with bugs fixed and safety improvement.

Let’s talk about the new features given to some apps by one by one. The new notification center has been given a buff, now you can see details associated with it and clear all the notification all at once. Lock screen is no longer looks as the old version looks like, the slide mechanism is removed now and you have to open with the home button. And if you set the feature “raise to wake” which wakes the devices when you lift it. And when you swipe left then all the widgets will open and swiping right open the camera.

The new settings, first you can get a magnifier from the settings for it you have just to triple tap to the home button and you will get the magnifier. Second feature which you get is the color filters for the color blind users. Now for the iMessage you can set low quality image mode so you save your iPhone from overloading with the images, gifs etc. Now the Wi-Fi  menu in the setting show the warning if the network is not connected to the internet. Music that are added to the apple music can be downloaded from other device using automatic downloads setting.

Now the iPhone user can remove the apps from their Carplay display from the setting.

The major change in the home screen is now get rid of the apps that are present by default in your device now you can hide them from home screen and they could be re downloaded from the store.

The quick type virtual keyboard has some new features such as word completion and predicts the answer for some question such as location, contacts etc. And can type in multiple languages through it.

Some of the smart changes in the iPhone as whenever the device detect some water in the lightning port and shows the warning to disconnect it dry the port. Find your apple watch with the help of your device.

The iOS10 is great but it also still needs some updates, so iOS10 is became necessary upgrade to iOS11.

As at last we can only say that the iOS11 will bring some very smart ways to operate the device for their users.

Updated: March 28, 2017 — 8:06 am

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