FIFA 17 to Feature Chinese Super League

As rumors of India being a part of FIFA 17 poured in, another heart-stopping news that of the Chinese Super League being the latest addition to the FIFA 17 have left fans excited and eager. Seeing the development and growth of the Chinese football in recent times, there has been growing demands that the Chinese Super League clubs be included in the FIFA 17 as people are willing to shell out the money for the cause. According to a report by Brazilian website, EA Sports, creators of the series have apparently secures the rights of the Chinese Super League sides Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan, Guizhou Renhe,and Chinese and Asian champions Guangzhou Evergrande. And that they are going to add the Chinese Super League to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.


Hopes are that even if they can’t include the player to the entire league but popular Chinese players will be added to ‘Rest of the World’ section on FUT 17. Currently the four Chinese sides mentioned above are available to play on the online platform FIFA Online 3.

It’s only fair since the Chinese team is showing signs of becoming a superpower in football that they should be included in the FIFA 17. The way things stands, if EA Sports pulls out the Chinese team from FIFA (which we hope won’t happen) at the last moment then a couple of excellent players will not be featured. And that’s definitely a loss for FIFA lovers and players.

Makers of Pro Evolution Soccer, Japanese Company currently holds rights to the Chinese Football Association that comes under the Asian Football Confederation.

With several high-profiles signing Chinese football has come to the spotlight in recent times. And it really isn’t a surprise to find them being featured in FIFA 17. Although it’s yet t be officially declared but we sincerely hope that the Chinese Super League may feature in the next edition of the popular FIFA video game series.

Updated: February 22, 2016 — 6:14 pm

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