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Everyone loves these machines which can zoom across the sky but there are many people who cannot afford the drone or they are not willing to pay such a big amount for what they call as a toy. Some people do not like the drones that are available in the market and they like to customize their drone. The customization can include things like changing the color of the body, changing the camera linked to the drone or reprograming the controllers and the main board. It can prove to be expensive and time consuming. For them, there are certainly some companies which can cater to their needs of having a cheap customizable drone. The solution to all these problems is Do It Yourself Drone Kits. Yes, that is right, there are DIY kits available in the market which gives people the freedom to build their own drone. The kits come with the body, propellers, motors, batteries and the main board. These things are a couple with a controller.

There are two types of kits available in that market, one are those which provides the main parts and they are semi assembled kits and the other type of kits available in the market are the ones which allow you to make the drone from the scratch. The components are given in the kit and you are required to solder the components. The advantage of these kits is that they are relatively cheaper than buying a new drone. Most of these kits are manufactured by the companies which take care of the hobbits and the range offered is wide. Here are some drones which are available on Amazon.

  • LHI 250mm Pro Pure Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame Kit – The kit is available for around 100 Dollars and the kit comes with a body which is made up of carbon fiber along with propellers, motors battery and a remote control. Their drone just requires assembly and a little bit of soldering. The drone offers only the basic features but it is easy to assemble and fly. The kit is basically for the beginners.
  • Z-Standby Pro 2.4G Unassembled Kit – This is one of the best kits that is available on Amazon, the kit is priced at over 1100 Dollars and the kit comes with much advance functionality. The drone has a GPS receiver which can be attached and there is also a provision to attach the camera with the drone, though the camera is not included in the kit. The body of this drone is also made up of carbon fiber and the drone includes everything that would be required to fly it in the sky.

Similarly, there are several such kits that are available in the market but if you are still not satisfied and you want something more raw, the best thing to do is to download a couple of circuit diagrams and the blueprints of the drone. Such information is easily available on the internet and then you can go and shop for all the components and built a drone for yourself from the scratch. please do not forget to check our detail best products reviews before buying a product.

Updated: March 22, 2017 — 5:03 am

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